Soil: Sandy, loess soil
Color: Pale gold
Nose: Ripe peach and apple aromas
Taste: Hints of fresh fruit with a mineral finish
Origin: Germany
Classification: Qualitätswein
Region: Rheingau
Varietal: Riesling
Fermentation: Temperature controlled in stainless steel tanks
Acidity: 8.3 g/l
Residual Sugar: 45.1 g/l
Alcohol: 10.0%

Shipping Specs

750ML Dimensions Weight
Bottle 3" x 3" x 13.5" 2.91 lbs / 1.32 kgs
Case 9.45" x 6.50" x 13.5" 17.20 lbs / 7.80 kgs

Schloss Vollrads

When a winery operates continuously for 800 years, they're doing something right. Schloss Vollrads signature Rieslings are made from grapes grown on south-facing slopes along the Rhine river, where sunny, dry conditions and mineral-rich soils imbue them with a singular character.

Perfected over centuries of winemaking, these wines exhibit a fruity, mineral character that has become the gold standard for German Rieslings.

The range of available predikats of Schloss Vollrads may vary from vintage to vintage.

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